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Heidi Steck

Bliss Pink Silk Scarf 140cm

Bliss Pink Silk Scarf 140cm

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100% Silk Scarf with hand-rolled edges 

Measures 140cm x 140cm

As this scarf is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary slightly.

Design Bliss in Pink, double sided print Silk Twill scarf 

This silk fabric looks lustrous and drips of elegance. The silk scarf is comfortable to wear all year round. It remains cool in the summers and warm in the winters.

Silk is the ideal material for scarves because of its weight. Light enough to be comfortable to wear, yet with enough weight to drape flatteringly, this floaty fabric adds dimension and interest to any outfit.

And remember, silk doesn’t wrinkle and doesn’t take up a lot of room, so if you’re heading off on holiday, you can take as many silk scarves as you want – they weigh almost nothing and can be rolled up into tiny packages.

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