My Story

This is my story.

Everything happens for a reason, although I don't always know why at the time, but when at the end it becomes apparent and the results are often most rewarding. In my case it started during Covid, I lost my business of 10 years on my 40th birthday on the day of national lockdown in South Africa. It happened in the blink of an eye. What would happen next? Well, that was the big question.

As a single mother and having my own mother to look after, survival mode kicked in and I started looking for ways to keep my family afloat. During this time I did a course called 'Becoming Extraordinary' by Mind Valley. Finding myself again, my calling, what inspires me, what makes me happy, and what brings me joy. So I meditated and I did some deep soul searching.

Out of this the resort wear collection was born, and it all started with a scarf and a Sarong with the design and I called 'BLISS'. The design comes from my heart, filled with inspirational words that helped me get through challenging times. Words of hope, belief of a better world, deeper connections, faith, and inspiration for others. How to 'Become Extraordinary', a quote and course from Vishen Lakhiani.

So, the resort wear collection came to life. My design inspirations come from memories of living and growing up in the South of France, Monaco, and London, and traveling to Italy to visit my friends from school and simply from the love of the Mediterranean coast and my African inspired designs, well they all come from my love of the country where I was born, South Africa.

It wasn’t just resort wear, I had another idea keeping me up at night; inspired by my love of the African bushveld and safaris, our beautiful wildlife, and of course the incredible flora we have. In particular. My inspiration came from the Bushwillow tree and its stunning 4-winged seed.

This Line is a labor of love, and it took four years to perfect to get the exact proportions, to replicate the incredible detail of each Bushwillow seed. I tried many production methods to capture it’s beautify and organic form. It is after all a very delicate and beautiful seed, yet it is very resilient.

We can all be fragile and delicate, but in challenging times we become resilient and that breeds creativity. So the Bushwillow collection was born.

So, my vision and my wish are for women around the world to resonate with my story and to be strong an creative. The Bushwillow Collection, and the 'BLISS' collection is my journey to this point and knowing that none of us are alone, we all stand together.